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ETIAS information for Canadian citizens is available in various formats on our website. You can check out the most frequently discussed topics in the FAQ. If you have any questions about visa-free travel in the Schengen area, do not hesitate to contact us by email for your personal ETIAS assistance. We provide information to Canadian citizens about the procedures required for travel to the Schengen countries. The updated system that will replace visa-free travel in 2023 is still unknown to many, so finding information is difficult even for Canadians. We have created an easily manageable website for travelers to facilitate ongoing processes to provide reliable information to CA citizens. The website includes information about ETIAS requirements, the application form, and our operations, utterly independent of the European Union and government services. You can find any news or information about planned changes on our website, a reliable source of ETIAS for Canadians.

ETIAS Visa Waiver

Frequently Asked Questions

European citizens do not need a visa to travel to Canada for a short period of 180 days. For Europe, ETIAS is similar to the eTa, which will enhance traveler pre-screening and enhance the country’s security. From 2023, Canadian citizens will need to register with ETIAS to travel to Europe. However, all visa-free citizens planning to visit Canada for less than six months must pre-register with the eTA, the Canadian version of ESTA, or the ETIAS visa waiver. 

From 2023, an ETIAS visa waiver will become mandatory for those wishing to travel to Europe. The transition period will last for half a year until the fully operational system.

Until 2023, Canadians will enter Europe without a visa. They can stay for 90 days under the new method. Travelers from Canada will use ETIAS to enter and depart the Schengen region as many times as they require. The most important thing is to limit yourself to one visit per 90 days.

Unfortunately, ETIAS does not allow Canadian citizens to study in Europe. Canadians must obtain a student or national visa to complete a university course from the destination country.

Unfortunately, ETIAS does not equate to a work visa. It will not allow Canadians to work for a company based in a European country. To work in a European country, Canadian citizens must obtain the appropriate permit or national visa for their work. A Visa waiver enables foreign visitors to travel for only tourism, business, or transit purposes.

Yes, ETIAS will allow Canadian citizens to visit friends or family members of a Schengen country or hold a residence permit in Europe. You may indicate the purpose of this type of visit to visa waiver during the application process.